Dexter Cider Mill

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Yesterday morning we woke up to a beautiful fall day. While it may not officially have changed seasons yet, fall is definitely upon us here in Michigan. Saturdays are once again filled up with college football, the air is turning brisk, even the leaves are already showing hints of color. There are pumpkins at the supermarket and yes, Halloween candy on display. Tallak and I decided to embrace fall’s arrival and start off the day with a trip to the Dexter Cider Mill.

Dexter is about a 20 minute drive from Ann Arbor and is a charming town with a main street made up of not much more than a bakery, general store, and a few other small businesses. The cider mill is just off of the main strip and across the railroad tracks. It is hard to miss the red barn right off the side of the road on the banks of the Huron River.

When we arrived at the cider mill we pulled in and parked in the lot right out front. It is not a particularly large mill, but the Dexter Cider Mill is known throughout the region for their amazing donuts and fresh, unpasteurized cider. It has also gained national attention on the Food Network show “Will Work for Food.”  The visiting area of the mill is primarily made up of a small shop where you can buy local goods such as jam, honey, and maple syrup as well as their cider and baked goods. The pastry counter boasted delicious looking apple turnovers as well as gingersnap cookies and pies. The shop itself is eclectic – think red checker table clothes, antique kitchen utensils, and a hodge-podge of other knick-knacks and decorations, such as the large poster of Abraham Lincoln on the wall.

We decided to split a small jug of the cider and a bag of  still-warm cinnamon sugar donuts. After taking our purchases outside to enjoy on a bench we quickly discovered the bees are also fans of the cider. We got up and walked around to escape the swarm and discovered a nice seating area by the river on the other side of the building.

While it is probably too early in the season for the mill to be super busy there was still a steady stream of visitors, including many on bicycles who likely rode in on the scenic drive from Ann Arbor. As we left we resolved to attempt the ride ourselves sometime. With home-baked donuts as the reward, how could you refuse?


3 thoughts on “Dexter Cider Mill

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